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We’ve spoken to our team and asked how they’re staying productive and focused working from home.
So, here’s our team’s 6-step guide to staying productive and looking good while doing it!


1. Get started early!

Most of us use our morning commute to help us wake up and feel ready for work by the time we get to the office. At home, however, the transition from your pillow to your computer can be much more jarring.
So how did our teams overcome this? Getting up early and starting their day with productive tasks, in their favourite Jo Mercer shoes, of course!

Our Team's Picks
Ziggy Boots  -  Tavi Heels  -  Allure Boots 

2. Get dressed

Our second tip for you is pretending you are heading into the office, this means getting dressed, put on your favourite work top and comfortable yet stylish work heels – Fever Mid Heels are our current pick!
This will set your mindset to work mode!
Fever Mid Heels

3. Define your spaces and separate work from home!

We couldn’t recommend this more! Having a dedicated space in your home reserved for working allows you to differentiate your mindset between leisure and work!
Our team define this with their cosy Teddy Sneakersfor couch time and their Lover Ankle Boots for their workspace!
Teddy Sneakers Lover Boots

4. Structure your day as you would in the office

This means coffee breaks are a must!
Whether you make your coffee at home or get your coffee from your favourite local, our team love a routine! Especially one that involves coffee and any excuse to wear their favourite Clover Dress Flats or Weaver Slides.
Clover Flats Weaver Slides

5. Use technology to stay connected.

During this time, this is probably the most important message from our team! Staying connected is amazing for mental health, productivity and aligning tasks!
Team conference call but make it fashion – Our team love to share their shoe choice of the day, just like we do in the office! We’ve got Annika Ankle Boots on repeat!
Annika Boots

6. Going for a walk on your lunch break

How wonderful are fresh air and a change of scene to refresh your mind! Our team have made this mandatory for staying focused. So even if it’s only for 5 mins, step outside, take a breather and walk around the block in your go-to Tullie Sneakers.
Tullie Sneakers

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