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We want to make sure you have the most seamless experience finding the perfect fit uniquely to you.

All sizing currently listed on our footwear is Italian European, so refer the conversion table below to find your equivalent size. It is important to note that sizing and fit may differ from styles, so follow any fit notes listed for the specific style under "fit notes". Our Customer Service Team are also very knowledgeable on the fit, fabrication and styling of our footwear and always happy to offer advice before you purchase - please don't hesitate to get in-touch at hello@jomercer.com.auor call 1300 855 045.


Please note all sizes online are listed in EU IT sizing.

    AUS    EU IT (JM SIZE) EU FR      US         UK         JP      Length (cm) Length (inch)



    35 36 5 2 22 21.6- 22 8.5 - 8.7



    36 37 6 3 23 22- 22.7 8.7- 8.9



    37 38 7 4 24 22.8- 23.5 8.9- 9.2



    38 39 8 5 25 23.6- 24.4 9.2- 9.6



    39 40 9 6 26 24.5- 25.2 9.6- 9.9



    40 41 10 7 27 25.2- 26.1 9.9- 10.2



    41 42 11 8 28 26.1- 27 10.2- 10.7
    11 42 43 12 9 29 27- 27.7 10.7- 10.9


    To find your best fit, please follow this JM guide on how you could measure your foot.

    Method 1

    You will need: A piece of paper and a pen
    Place your foot on a piece of paper, using a pen, outline your foot and measure the heel to toe on the outline.

    Method 2

    You will need: Ruler
    Place a ruler beside your foot and view the length from heel to toe. Simply convert the recorded measurement to your shoe size using the conversion guide below.

    1. Calf Circumference (cm)

    Each style has a unique shaft circumstance to suit the style design and functionality. To measure your calf circumstance, take a flexible ruler or measuring tape to the widest part of your calf.

    2. Shaft Height (cm)

    To measure the height of the boot in comparison to your leg, take the measurement from your desired style product listing and place the ruler at your heel up your leg to preview the height on your body.

    3. Foot length (cm)

    To measure the length of your foot, there are two suggested options. Either 1. Place your foot on a piece of paper, outline your entire foot and measure the heel to toe on the outline or 2. Place a ruler beside your foot and view the length from heel to toe.


    Jo Mercer is dedicated to quality, driven by design and unparalleled in fit. Our shoes and bags are crafted from high quality materials sourced form around the globe, understanding how to care for your Jo Mercer pieces makes your new purchase look it’s best for longer. Leather is a natural material that has unique, natural variations in colour and texture.

    Jo Mercer’s shoes and bags are crafted from high quality leather in a variety of finishes, some of which may soften and fade over time, or be more delicate than others, these natural characteristics are not considered faults. Light-coloured leather is prone to absorbing other dyed material, so please take care when wearing these pieces with denim and other dark materials.

    We recommend storing your leather shoes in their original Jo Mercer box when not in use. Never store any leather items in plastic and always store them in a cool, dry place away from heat. Please read the instructions of all shoe care products before applying or using on your Jo Mercer shoes and bags.