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Jo Mercer is committed to quality, driven by design and unparalleled in fit.
Our shoes and bags are crafted from high quality materials sourced from
around the globe, understanding how to care for you Jo Mercer pieces
makes your purchase look it’s best for longer.

To protect your leather shoes apply the All Protector Sprayor Zanolin before wear. Please cover any embellishments, jewels and trims when during application. After your initial period of wear, leather will provide you with a superior fit, to replenish and maintain your leather shoes apply Zanolin, Rain guard Cream or Polish. All leather gives with wear.

Patent leather shoes can also be cared for using Zanolin before wear. We also recommend using the Super Shine Sponge to replenish and maintain their high shine finish. Patent leather should be kept away from other patent leathers or plastics and should be cleaned only with Zanolin patent leather cleaner.

Embellished and metallic Jo Mercer shoes are crafted using high quality leather, trims and other embellishments, all of which are attached and secured with care. Please take extra care when wearing and storing your shoes. For the best protection, apply the Neutral Metallic Rainguard Cream before wear. For Suede and Nubuck metallic shoes apply All Protector Spray, ensuring to cover any embellishments and trims.

To assist with any water damage or marks use the Tana Suede & Nubuck Brush. Please cover any embellishments, jewels and trims when applying the All Protector Spray.

Suede and Nubuck leathers will maintain their appearance when worn in dry conditions, please wear with care.

To protect and maintain your pony hair leather shoes, apply the All Protector Spray and use the Medium Shoe Brush.

Heel tips can separate from shoes from time to time from normal wear and should be replaced as soon as possible before the wear affects the heel. Jo Mercer shoes feature either a rubber or resin sole, and generally will not require resoling. This excludes cases of excessive wear. These soles do not absorb water and are crafted with a high attention to detail.

Espadrilles will maintain their appearance when worn in dry conditions, please wear with care.

Each of our soles are fitted with soft foam padding, which creates a memory fitting effect after repeated wear. They are finished in a fresh neutral shade or soft black with the signature Jo Mercer logo. Inner soles may separate or lift from time to time with normal wear. This is something that can be easily repaired by a shoe repairer.

The Campomaggi range explores the use of high-quality leathers combined with rustic textural features and metal details to create unique and exclusive accessories. Campomaggi epitomizes timeless design and quality craftmanship, all products are hand-made in Italy and enrich over time. Campomaggi uses resistant cow-hide leather, a refined type of leather that reveals natural textures and irregularities. Natural cow-hide, over time, gains beauty and shine. Each Campomaggi bag will contain a Cream Kit that will help you protect your bag from external agents and safeguard it’s softness.