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A modern collection brought to life by sculptural details and hints of colour. The new season delivers a sense of ease, contrasted with dramatic movements purposely accentuating the product. Expect soft textures, gold accents, slender straps and a colour palette designed to encapsulate summer. Breathe life into your wardrobe with styles that stand out yet offer viability for seasons to come.


Discover structured silhouettes and directional accents that pronounce themselves. Metallic embellishments are imbued throughout the collection adding a sentiment of soft luxury. The cool and current nature of the campaign echoes throughout the entire collection.


Tubed leather is highlighted throughout the campaign. This is a contemporary trend that infuses texture with cloud-like comfort. The use of soft knotting features in key pieces of the collection where craftsmanship and fashion-forward design is at the forefront.


Subtle colour throughout the collection intends to enliven your wardrobe and capture the essence of summer. The nod to colour offers a refreshing take on dressing. These statement pieces will be the standout at any summer soiree.


The intentional muted surroundings in the campaign force prominence on the product and bring out the playfulness of the range. Explore the collection and immerse yourself in a fresh, new season at Jo Mercer.